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Product List

Delugs Blue Curved CTS w/ MING 37.05 Series 2 DLC Moonphase: https://delugs.com/collections/curved-rubber-cts/products/navy-curved-rubber-cts-strap

Delugs Green Curved CTS w/ MING 18.01 H41 DLC Diver: https://delugs.com/collections/curved-rubber-cts/products/emerald-green-curved-rubber-cts-strap

Delugs Grey Curved CTS w/ MING 17.09 WCS: https://delugs.com/collections/curved-rubber-cts/products/grey-curved-rubber-cts-strap

H. Moser & Cie x Govberg Pioneer 40mm Titanium


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I have already written in detail about the CTS Rubber Straps from Delugs in my article here. In that article I used curved spring bars to adapt the regular CTS rubber straps to fit watches with curved lugs, and showed that it was possible, with a little bit of a gap between the strap and the lugs. I wanted to highlight that Delugs heard our pleas for a curved CTS option, and released one a little while ago in a variety of color options. I’ve got the Navy, Gray and Green ones here, but you can browse the rest of the collection here.

Since my original review, the clasp has now been upgraded to have better tolerances, added micro-adjustment holes (yay!) and the overall size seems to have slimmed down a bit compared to the first generation of clasps I had in the earlier article. In addition to those upgrades, the curved CTS line also gets a slightly different design, with a raised edge along the length of the strap that gives it a lot more character than the other (more plain) straight option.

Overall, this is a huge win for us curved strap folks. More options is always better. And better options is always better-er. If you’ve got an H. Moser & Cie, MING, F.P. Journe, etc, you are no longer limited to OEM options and hopefully Delugs will further build on this lineup to include more textures/colors. Right now the curved CTS line is limited to 20mm options only, but I believe more size options are on the way!