Disclaimer: this article was not sponsored by Artem or any other entity. The straps featured here were gifted to B&B, and do not need to be returned. This was done without restrictions/conditions.

Product List:

HydroFlex Navy Blue Hybrid FKM Watch Strap With Blue Stitching – https://artemstraps.com/products/hydroflex-navy-blue-hybrid-fkm-watch-strap-with-blue-stitching

HydroFlex Black Hybrid FKM Watch Strap With Black Stitching – https://artemstraps.com/products/hydroflex-black-hybrid-fkm-watch-strap-with-black-stitching

HydroFlex Khaki Green Hybrid FKM Watch Strap With Green Stitching – https://artemstraps.com/products/hydroflex-khaki-green-hybrid-fkm-watch-strap-with-green-stitching

Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to own a bunch of different watch straps, but over time I found myself gravitating mostly towards three brands for my strap needs – Delugs and Artem. Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that these two brands monopolize the Accessories section of this website and are among the few brands I tend to feature on my YouTube channel and Instagram page. A particular favorite of mine has been Artem’s sailcloth straps. Their ability to evolve their materials and design over time is impressive. I own several versions, each marking a new milestone in their craftsmanship. So, when Artem announced their venture into hybrid straps, I approached with a mix of curiosity and skepticism. The market is flooded with hybrid straps of varying quality, comfort, and price, making me wary, especially considering the $218 USD price tag. While this is steep for a strap, it’s not uncommon in the high-end segment, often matching or exceeding OEM brand prices. That amount of money can get you a decent watch that will last your lifetime. Artem sent me these straps about two months ago and I’ve given them considerable wrist time, particularly on my Omega Speedmaster 3861 and my Seamaster 300.

Here are some of my thoughts:

These straps are absurdly good looking on the twisted lug Omega cases. I can’t help but think that Artem used the Omega case as a template to design the lug end of these straps. The thickness at the lugs, the distance from the case, the fit and the taper are all perfect in my eyes.

The quality of the base FKM rubber layer is as good as it gets – similar quality rubber to the most expensive rubber straps I’ve owned from OEM brands, RubberB, Everest, etc. The rubber keepers are solid, the stitching is excellent and the texture on the back is well executed.

The sizing of these straps is ideal for me – the default 75mm/115mm dimensions work well on my 6.75″ wrist, and I tend to prefer a 20mm->18mm taper on sportier watches. And the quick release spring bars are sturdy and easy to use. And the latest version of their buckles are well designed with excellent finishing to match the standards of most high end watch cases.

The upper texture is very similar to their latest version of sailcloth, and the manner in which it is bonded and stitched to the base rubber is excellent. The sailcloth material is offered in multiple colors, and I think the Khaki Green and the new Sand Beige are probably the most interesting of the lot. The grey and black are certainly more versatile and tend to pair well with most watches.

The Artem HydroFlex strap likely strikes a chord in terms of aesthetics for most enthusiasts, with its appealing design and ample color options. However, the $218 price tag is a point of contention, and rightly so. It’s a significant investment for a watch strap, and I acknowledge this without reservation. But as someone who has tried almost all the hybrid straps out on the market, I will say that there is enough here to differentiate these straps from the alternatives. They are superlative in many ways, and I think they priced these to reflect that quality. Similar to how a $250 RubberB strap is better than its $50 alternatives, the Artem HydroFlex sets itself apart with quality, durability and details. But it is up to you to decide if these attributes make it a compelling purchase. Deciding whether these qualities justify the investment is a personal choice. For those who appreciate the finer details and don’t mind the premium price, the Artem HydroFlex will be a good addition to your collection. It is an excellent choice for rotating among different watches, provided the price aligns with your budget. And if you’re looking for a strap for your twisted lug Omega, I suspect that these photographs have already convinced you to buy one.

Thanks for reading!