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“Two totally different pieces with a seemingly similar design language. While the axially-mounted rotational component takes center stage in both of these pieces, the end result couldn’t be more different.

The LM101 has a “traditional” feel with a blend of elegance and mechanical wizardry typical of MB&F.

The MAD1 is much more edgy and non-traditional. It has a time display that takes a few extra seconds to read but delivers its own uniquely amusing experience in the process.

It’s no secret that the two pieces don’t share the same price category and nowhere is this more apparent than on the wrist— “in the metal,” so to speak.

One feels solid, sleek, and refined. The other is light, flashy, and relies on a hefty side profile for both form and function (you literally have to look at the “case flank” to tell the time).

Each achieves wrist presence, but in completely different ways. And while there is a temptation to associate both as part of the MB&F brand identity, only one has the letters on it.” – https://www.instagram.com/watchammacallit/